YUZU Block Chocolate (3 x 60g)


Premium Belgian chocolate combined with Yuzu.

Product Description

We combined authentic and premium Belgian chocolate with Yuzu, a citrus fruit that is one of essential ingredients in sweets in Japan. With our trial size product, you could enjoy the exquisitely fresh flavour and scent of Yuzu in mild bitter chocolate. Once you're confident with the quality and taste of our chocolate, then the next step would be to try our chocolate bars, which are also perfect as gift.

Additional Information

Weight 0.18 kg
Price per 100g (incl. VAT)



Cocoa 33,6%, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring, yuzu powder 2%


May contain wheat, nuts, sesame, eggs

Storage Instructions

Store in a dark, dry and cool place at +15/+18°C.

Best Within

180 days


soy, laktose (milk)

Nutrition per 100g

“>Energie/Energy 562kcal/2343kJ, >Kohlenhydrate/Carbohydrate 53,1g >>davon Zucker/of which sugars 49,7g, >Salz/Salt 0,162g”, >Eiweiß/Protein 6,7g

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