MATCHA Creme Cookies (3x4pcs)


Made with premium Matcha from Japan and extra black cacoa.

Product Description

Our Matcha-sandwich-cookies with delicious Matcha-cream filling between the cocoa biscuits are nazuna's Pastry-hit. No matter how you nibbling him if one leaks out the cream, any biscuit-slice nibbling individually, or just nibbling the edge, who does not know our Matcha-sandwich-biscuits, has missed something.

Additional Information

Price per 100g (incl. VAT)



egg, butter, wheat flour, almond powder, cane sugar, cocoa powder, cocoa 25.9%, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier: soy lecithin, matcha green tea powder 3%, coconut oil


May contain sesame.

Storage Instructions

Store in a dark, dry and cool place at +15/+18°C.

Best Within

60 days


soy, laktose (milk), nut (almond), gluten (wheat)

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