For special moments such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or parties, we are here to serve you. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and we would be more than happy to help you out.




We require a one-week notice in advance for a cake which diameter is ca. 32cm. For a larger- , multi story- or decorated-cake, it depends on its size, but please estimate at least two weeks. For wedding cakes, we would need up to four weeks in advance. Sugar and Marzipan decorations are also possible, but we recommend making a consultation appointment with us so that we could meet your special needs.


Mochi is part of Wagashi, a traditional Japanese confectionery and nazna’s Mochis are available in different varieties. You could order Mochi of your favourite flavour or try nazuna’s Mochi assortment.


From a small present through gifts for wedding guests, nazuna’s delicious sweets are packed in a stylish box, perfect for any special occasions. Please inquire us to discuss your ideas or need advice and assistance.