About Us

In 2011, nazuna opened as a shop offering small dishes and sweets of Japan with a commitment to quality, taste and nutrition. nazuna’s mission is to bring quality products to Berlin to diversify the ever-changing market for superior food products that exists here. the people of Berlin are always eager to try new things and we were delighted and encouraged by the reaction that nauzuna‘s products received here. among the many popular products sold by nazuna, our “Matcha Chocolate” is our best-selling item; we are constantly producing this item in order to meet the influx of demand.

nazuna‘s chocolates are gaining traction in the european market due to the perfect balance of a familiar sweet chocolate and the unique ingredient of Japanese Matcha. Founder Tsuki Hasegawa‘s serious commitment to quality and her connoisseurship of the delicate and upscale Matcha ingredient combined with pastry chef Sven Schumacher‘s honed confectionery skills to position nazuna chocolate as the truly additive and colorant free green tea chocolate, catering to the refined taste of our customer base.
From 2015, nazuna will focus on the business of chocolate production in order to expand production capacity and deliver nazuna’s chocolate to more and more customers.

* Information: Nazuna no longer has a public retail store and our customers can purchase nazuna’s products in the online store, at selected markets and events or in various stores. When ordering in the online shop, however, the buyers have the option to set the function ‘pickup on location’ and can then pick up your products by appointment on the spot in production.